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The forest is dark, the trees are sad and all the butterflies have broken wings.​ The girl who once believed in fairytales and magic is struck by the fear of never being loved. Walk through her desolate mind, where her fragile wings can not take flight. On one wing lay her bleeding heart, a shade of black - black which is blacker than black.

She captivates the crowd with sadness in her eyes; the smile on her face would make you believe otherwise. There is more to what your eyes can see; the perfect pirouette is followed by bruises on her feet.

The ensemble as a whole, aims to personify the beauty, femininity and pain that a ballerina must step into to perform her ethereal art.

The garment reflects symmetry, as seen in a butterfly. Layers of laser cut silk organza were hand sewn to the dress to mimic the light, powdery butterfly wings. Fine pleats were draped across the bodice, with their edges left raw. The ensemble was complemented with a piece of jewelry - moulded with ceramic, structured around the hand. This restricts the wearer to the common 'first hand position'.


The white stone was textured, fired and left unglazed to embody the powdery touch of a butterfly's wings. Butterflies cast in brass were used to accent the clay. The accessory allows the user to feel a fraction of the pain and discomfort that a ballerina  must endure in her most graceful form.

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