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 A child must always be taught to have great aspirations. When brought up with a positive attitude, children are known to be more successful with immense self confidence. The use of educational devices can be extended into clothing.


A key notion that needs to be pressed upon is a practical way of living. The values introduced into a child are likely to be instilled into their perceptions in their future. 

Paper folding is one of the oldest crafts that children of all ages are known to love. This infusion of garments and fun activities can enhance the experience of putting on a garment, where it no longer performs a single function

One of the major limitations of kidswear involves children outgrowing their clothes. This ensemble is designed along the principles of paper folding in an attempt to curb this drawback.


The ensemble consists of various pieces that can be worn together, or as separates. The top may be converted into a dress with a detachable collar, while the skirt can be buttoned to create a bag. Once the child has outgrown the outfit, a simple, fun activity involving buttons and folds can help repurpose the garments. This will help extend the lifespan of these products, while teaching the little ones to be mindful and innovative with their belongings

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