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To celebrate the birth of the 501 jeans, Levi's, in collaboration with Art&Found, curated an event that brought together designers and artists from around the world. This project required designers to represent themselves with the iconic Levi's denims. 

I chose to represent my mind: enclosed yet uninhibited — like the enso circle, where imperfection creates perfection. Corralled within this circle are my thoughts that come together, to form a garden built with asymmetry, borrowed scenery, balance and symbolism – much like a Japanese garden.

Flowers, waves, mountains and clouds symbolize femininity, confusion, passion, strength and the ability to dream through layers of intricacy. Each of these elements illustrate  who I am as an individual in my most raw, unadulterated form.


The garments – when worn together – complete the circle, putting together the puzzled pieces of my mind.

'Your mind is a garden; your thoughts are the seeds, filled with beauty that is impermanent and incomplete.'

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