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 The city of Mumbai is known to be a world of contrast. Heritage has paved the way for growth, allowing development to exist within its roots.  Visually, the decay of ancient structures is contrasted by modern infrastructure, adding a layer of depth to the city’s persona

Plants, fungi and algae sprout from within the earth, augmenting organic beauty to the inorganic.

While some may perceive this growth as annihilation, the city thrives on this journey of wreckage, adopting it and rising above it. The ensemble is derived from the visual architecture of the city, consisting of outerwear and knitwear.

The jacket is created in pashmina silk — dyed into a brick red, to represent the walls of the city. The grain of the textile is enhanced with the use of rice stitches in shades of green and brown, resembling the growth of foliage on the walls.

The top – hand-knit with a combination of yarns, thick and thin, to mimic leafage and its traces on land – is paired with straight pants in ribbed knit. 


The ensemble paints a picture where architecture prevails over nature, with spurts of this growth making its way up the walls of the city.

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