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Every year, 7.2 billion kilograms of plastic enter the ocean. There are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in the sea, the large ones from which are ingested by animals, and their lives, endangered. It takes 400 years for the rest of the plastic to break down, emitting toxic chemicals and debris to the bed of the ocean. 


This product is aimed at reducing waste in the ocean by recycling disposed plastic to create raw materials. The shoes, designed with suede made from plastic waste pellets and embroidered with laser cut trims from recycled plastic, are created to put unwanted plastic — that would otherwise be disposed into the ocean — to use.

Created with approximately 250g of plastic, the shoes allow you to recover close to 4% of the damage caused by your use of plastic.  


The fluidity of water waves is translated into an embroidery pattern in shades of blue and white, set against a cool grey/blue suede base fabric. The insole is a blue polyester, while the outsole is translucent TPO made from recycled rubber.

Designed to reduce the threats in the sea, these shoes are the perfect way for one to reduce your carbon footprint towards ocean pollution.

shoe process.jpg
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